The Universe Makes Me Giggle

Lately I’ve been fascinated by the concept that the universe conspires only to support us. Like, the only thing it’s programmed to do is help us reach our ultimate well-being. I feel like that’s why Reiki works. I focus the universe’s supportive, everything-good energy through my clients so their own everything-good energy can rebalance and flow optimally. Then their own healing powers can start to reset and kick into gear. I did a distance Reiki session for a cat the other day and his human told me that after the session, the cat happily jumped into his lap and purred more loudly than he’d heard in a long time. The next day, I did a distance Reiki session for the cat’s human, and he told me

When a Cat Is Your Mirror

The other day while I was having a super-calm day of working from home, the water was turned off in my building for a while. When it went back on, the toilet wouldn’t stop flushing. We have an industrial toilet that can flush super loudly as it is. This sounded like a tornado/hurricane in my bathroom. The constant flush was so forceful that I immediately worried it would overflow or explode. (Seriously—that’s what it sounded like.) I soon realized my boyfriend (who was at work) had the super’s contact info, not me. Next, I got angry at myself for not having the super’s info. It’s not easy to get ahold of Adam at work, so I began leaving frantic voicemails for him, all the while pacing the ap

The Roller Coaster of Life

When I moved over two months ago, it was an incredibly happy time for me, but there was another thing in my life I was very sad about too. I was one-hundred percent leading with my heart though, and I knew I was doing the right thing. So why couldn’t it come with one-hundred percent happiness? Last week I asked one of my animal communicator friends to do a reading for me and an animal I love. One of the messages the animal had for me was: “This is what happens when you live life fully. You feel great love, but also sadness. And that’s ok. That’s the point!” This message reminded me of a Japanese documentary I saw a few years back, where a researcher asked a group of young children what their

Get the Message?

My cat Willow passed over six years ago, but for the past week memories of her keep popping up for me. One thing I remembered was when my cousin raved that the color of Willow’s eyes perfectly matched the color of her fur. Other people had told me that too, including the vet. There's not one word to describe Willow’s eyes—they were a tan/gold/fawn color. Her fur was a beautiful multicolored blend with accents of that same hue. It was like nature just got it on the nose the day she was conceived. On Monday I got into the elevator, and a man and his dog were there. The man didn’t look up from his phone, but his dog and I immediately moved toward each other. As I petted her head, I was blown aw

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