The Big Picture

The other day I was reading a list of my astrological sign’s traits, and this one struck me: “Virgo’s life is a tragedy when seen in close-up but a comedy in a long-shot.” Nine years ago, I went through a bad break-up, got sick, and developed chronic fatigue. At the time, I was working long hours in a corporate job and would collapse on evenings and weekends. I had very little social life and felt pretty bummed out about my situation. A few years later, I was having no luck healing the fatigue with Western medicine, so I went to get an intuitive reading. The intuitive told me to get a Reiki session, and that I would probably end up studying it and practicing it too. The latter part seemed su

You Are Light

On Sunday I went to a psychic fair where you could get free readings from a class of students graduating in mediumship. We were asked to bring a loved-one’s picture and five questions, so I brought my grandmother’s photo, and asked questions about everything from my career to health to relationships. It was clear my reader connected in with my grandmother right away by the specific things she told me. What I didn’t expect was to receive the same answer for each of my five questions. The medium relayed each answer from my grandmother by putting her hand on her heart and saying “You are light.” Then she continued to explain, “Since you’re light, why do you worry? There’s too much going on in y

Thoughts Are a Bear

Yesterday I shared a video where a bear comes very close to a man on a hill overlooking a river. The bear literally just hangs out and relaxes. But my immediate thought was, what is the man behind the camera feeling right now—is he terrified? Is the bear going to pounce on him at any minute? The bear eventually walks away calmly, the man unscathed. Why would my mind immediately go to the worst that could happen? I guess movies with a biased view of bears (like The Edge) don’t help…But the truth is, even though I’m getting better at it, worst-case scenario thinking was a natural go-to for much of my life. Like, it’ll probably rain on my birthday…there's not a chance I'll get that job…it's not

There Is No Right Way

The other night I felt drawn to go to a shamanic circle that Sara, another Reiki master I know, told me about. I met her there, and then the coolest thing happened. First, we did a visualization, and then each person in the room (about thirty of us) said one word to describe how our own energy felt in the moment. The word that came out of my mouth was “connection.” Then it came time for everyone to journey. The shaman explained he’d beat a drum while we visualized ourselves going down into the earth. We’d then ask for a guide to show up and take us to a message. The shaman kept insisting, “There’s no right way to do this.” I kept thinking, isn’t the saying “there’s no wrong way to do this”?

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