Will The Real You Please Stand Up

I’m currently cat-and-apartment sitting in Manhattan, and over the weekend I received a distance energy healing session from a friend. Afterwards, while my friend and I discussed on the phone what came up during the treatment, the cat jumped on the bed, looked into my eyes, then scanned my body from head to toe. Then she did it again. I got the clear message she was assessing my energy and giving approval of the treatment. A couple of days later, another friend did a shamanic cleansing on me. This time the cat came into the room, jumped on a stool next to me, and observed every move of my shaman friend. She was clearly supervising again. One time when I was meditating, I opened my eyes to se

The Master Teachers

One wonderful thing about the mediumship course that I took two weeks ago at Omega was that I got to exchange practice readings with other students in the class. That meant that for the entire week, I was blown away by my relatives coming through with messages from the other side. One loved one said now that she’s on the other side, she sees that the health issues she had on earth did not define her. She now knows that’s not who she really is. Another relative said he’s with me when I meditate and he’s learning from that—that in his life, he never knew about this way to get connected and know yourself better. I struggle with a chronic health issue that can sometimes feel overwhelming, and th

What A Picture Is Worth

I’ve been obsessed with mediums John Edward and Lisa Williams for a long time. Back in the early 2000s when I wasn’t doing anything related to intuitive readings or healing work, I loved watching their TV shows where they connected to people’s loved ones on the other side. Even though I wasn't drawn to meditating back then, I did try one of John Edward’s meditations for contacting a loved one who had passed. After the visualization exercise, I waited a few minutes for a sign and then heard a noise come from the kitchen. A framed picture of Coco, my cat when I was growing up, had separated itself from its magnet and fallen to the floor from the fridge. “It worked!!!” I yelped to myself. It re

Can You Repeat That?

In the past two weeks, a few people have reached out to me saying that they received a sign or a message from the universe, and then that same day they read the same message in my blog or social media post. It’s like a double-whammy, and I love when that happens. On Monday in my morning meditation, when I asked for a message from my guides, I saw a bear who immediately curled up and went to sleep. Then I heard the word “hibernate.” A half an hour later I was skyping with my homeopath, and we were talking about the remedy I’m taking for a chronic issue. She literally said, “I just feel you need to hibernate and get as much sleep as you can.” Several years ago, I was reading a book about spiri

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