Houseplant Wisdom

Nine years ago, my friend Diana gave me a sweet little plant. It’s been with me through thick and thin and now is super tall and about ten times its original size. Once in a while, the green fronds turn brown, and I panic that it’s the end of my beloved plant. One time I was so concerned I took my plant to the “plant guy” in my old neighborhood. He asked me why I didn’t just remove the brown fronds—that it’s totally ok to do so and the plant was fine. This may be Plant 101 to all the green thumbs out there, but this is my plant ride-or-die, and I really used to worse-case-scenario everything. So now after a very long stretch of vibrant green, my beloved plant has brown fronds again. Even tho

You’re Psychic—I Promise

I have a box sitting in my home office because I thought our foster cat Faro would like it. I keep some of his toys in it, but he never really pays much attention to it. The other day while Faro sat in the window, I looked at the box and thought to myself, “I guess I should just get rid of this box since Faro doesn’t use it.” About thirty minutes later, Faro got in the box. And he’s been in it pretty much ever since. He sits in it, he sleeps in it, he stares at me from it. And even though I’m an intuitive animal communicator, it blows me away that he heard my thought and promptly responded, even though I hadn’t tried to talk directly to him. A few months back when I was living in my old plac

True Colors

I recently saw an aura video of Lisa Williams (the medium I studied with last month) where the camera’s software picks up light patterns in the energy fields around her body. In the video, Lisa’s aura looks like layers of colors stacked upon each other, and as she connects to her guides and spirit, the colors move up the screen. Her forehead (third eye) changes color too. At the end when Lisa disconnects, you can see the colors sink lower around her. So. Super. Cool! In the past week, I’ve done two wellness fairs in NYC corporate offices, where I get to give people brief Reiki sessions during their workday. I explain that we are made of energy (atoms and molecules constantly vibrating), and

When a Dragonfly Delivers

Recently when I was stuck for forty-five minutes in a tunnel on a subway train, I noticed three factions of behavior around me. One group of strangers clearly bonded and laughed with each other to pass the time. One guy went into another car in an urgent search for information. Two women across from me became increasingly agitated and cursed under their breath. Me? I wished I were in the fun group, but distracted myself with a word game app so I wouldn’t get sucked into the nearby agitated energy. On Monday, I was supposed to receive an important package of materials that I needed to prep for a wellness fair this week. It never came Monday…nor did it arrive Tuesday…and I got well, increasing

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