Dolphin Reiki Masters

The other day, my niece sent me a video about a whale who wouldn’t leave a scientist alone in the ocean. He pushed her onto his nose and his back and under his fin. Even though she spent a lifetime studying whales, the scientist didn’t understand what was happening. Then when she got back to her boat, she saw a large tiger shark nearby and knew the whale had been protecting her. Animals are super in touch with the energy around them, and are always trying to move toward balance. I’m sure the whale knew the shark was hungry. I’m also sure the whale could read the woman’s energy, which was all about studying whales and protecting them. It’s the ultimate balancing act—he’ll protect the creature

The Magic of Kindness

On Monday, the trailer for the film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood came out, starring Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers. And then my head and heart exploded. I watched Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood all the time as little kid (you could say I was obsessed), and I’ve loved Tom Hanks since Bosom Buddies (yes, obsessed again). I got emotional watching the trailer (I’ll never make it through the movie), and here’s why. Every day this man wanted me to be his neighbor. (Me? Really?) He exuded the importance of kindness and self-worth. On top of that, a train trolley went from a tunnel in his house to The Neighborhood of Make-Believe (pure magic to me). In that land, King Friday the XIII ruled. I was born on

Cosmic Connections

On the morning of July 4th, I cried on the phone with my friend Jen after her cat had passed away hours before. After I hung up, I kept crying and couldn’t stop. A ton of stuff was coming up around losing my cat Willow seven years ago. I felt like I was in the depths of grief all over again, and I wasn’t sure why it was coming up so strongly so many years later. This past weekend I did an animal communication reading for a new client and her cat Peach who’s on the other side. During the reading, remarkable similarities came up between Peach’s and Willow’s passings and the client’s and my specific experiences around them. I did my best to communicate Peach’s messages of wisdom and love to the

Family Ties

I just got back from a week at the beach with a house full of family. Sometimes I feel bad about rarely getting to see my relatives, so it feels good to get the tribe together—especially for a week of fun in the sun. One night, when we were all talking for hours, one of my family members (I’ll call her Olivia) described what happened years ago when she was spending a holiday at her in-laws. Waking up in the middle of the night, she looked into the hallway to see an older woman in a long nightgown facing the door to another room. She saw the woman very clearly—especially noting a long ponytail of gray and white hair down her back. The next day Olivia described what she saw to everyone gathere

Now Hear This

Right as I sat down to meditate before an animal communication reading the other day, a piercing car alarm went off outside my building. Then as the alarm continued to blare, someone started yelling through a bullhorn. I couldn’t believe the timing of this double-whammy of annoying, distracting noise because I'm usually always amazed at how the universe provides the perfect conditions for a reading. Thankfully it was quieter at the start of the reading, and I was able to connect in with my client and her dog. Halfway through, the client asked why her dog now has anxiety about going to his pet sitter’s house. When I asked her dog, he told me the last time he was there, he heard a loud sound t

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