The Heart of Intention

Every time I get up from my desk in my home office, our foster cat Faro (who is very well fed by the way) jumps from his box a few feet away and races after me, hoping beyond hope that I’m going into the kitchen. Because I always feel super bad when he follows me but it’s not his dinnertime yet, I decided to use some energy on the situation. Now when I get up, I focus on what I’m going to do, instead of thinking, I hope I don't disappoint Faro who wants yet another meal right now. I drop into my heart and lead with it instead of my brain. I’m singularly focused on doing the dishes or taking out the trash...And it works every time—Faro actually stays in his box because he reads my energy and

Oceans of Wisdom

One day last week on vacation at the Jersey Shore, I was in the ocean when the waves were pretty rough and the undertow was strong. This definitely put me out of my comfort zone. And then I felt something large, strong, and slimy swim slowly against my leg under the surface. Last August I blogged about how a cow-nose ray bumped solidly up against my leg while in the rough ocean. That time I could see him—and his friend—just under the surface as it happened. This time I couldn’t see what ocean-dweller slowly rubbed against me—I could only feel it, and for that reason, it freaked me out. The next day, I realized the creature who swam against my leg had the whole ocean at his disposal. He didn’

The Power of Be

I’ve been seeing the Wayne Dyer quote “I am a human being, not a human doing” a lot lately. As someone with an overactive, create-my-own-stress brain, just “being” has never come naturally to me. So how do you just be, I wondered. Then the universe started to show me. I have a memory game on my phone where you turn any two out of thirty-six face-down tiles over to see if they match. I’m ok at it, but then one day I freaked myself out. While I was waiting for something to load on my computer, I absentmindedly started the memory game, turned the first two tiles over, and they matched. I started a new game and matched the first two tiles again. I did it four times in a row. All while my brain h

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