The School of Life

For years, I’ve been having recurring dreams that I’m back in college. I’m my current age, but back in a dorm and dealing with a class schedule and exams. I’ll go long periods without the dreams, and then I’ll dream them every night for a while—that’s where I am now. I know the dreams show up when I’m in the midst of learning a life lesson, and it’s my subconscious reminding me life is school. Sometimes I feel like it’s a really hard school, like a celestial level up from Yale or Harvard. Yesterday I posted: I had to make you uncomfortable, otherwise you never would have moved. - Universe In "life school," we aren’t legally obligated to show up for our lessons. It’s easy to coast along and

Remembering Yourself

Sometimes our foster cat Faro stares into my eyes with his big peepers, and I get overwhelmed. I feel like he’s staring into my soul (in the best way—not creepy!). Yes, I’m an animal communicator and I still get overwhelmed in that moment of him seeing me so intensely. Last week I went to a shamanic circle and the shaman told us it’s often easier for us to get messages when journeying for another person than for ourselves. (Journeying is where you connect with a guide while the shaman drums, to see where the guide takes you and what they show you.) It made sense to me—I do readings and Reiki sessions all the time for others, but information about my own path and healing is more challenging t

Seeing the Light

Yesterday I read about a Florida elementary student who wanted to wear a University of Tennessee football t-shirt to school on “college colors day.” He didn’t have a UT shirt, so he wore an orange tee and drew a UT logo on a white piece of paper and happily pinned it to the front of his shirt. After some fellow students made fun of his shirt, a teacher found him crying. She then posted what happened on Facebook, asking if anyone had a connection to the University of Tennessee so she could get something extra special for the student. After the post went viral, the university sent the classroom a ton of UT merchandise, and then created a t-shirt with the child’s original design on it to sell.

The Truth Behind It

Last night I had a moment while watching a scene in a Netflix show. An awesome character died heroically, his girlfriend by his side the whole time, and I found myself sobbing uncontrollably. There’s always been something about stories with two people in love who can’t be together that I totally can’t handle. I was a blubbering mess. Earlier today I read something about animals getting to safety in hurricane Dorian and I cried again. I can’t watch the nightly news ever, really, and my body often can’t handle certain kinds of foods or plane or boat rides without some kind of remedy. For most of my life this sensitivity was a real pain and I didn’t like that aspect of myself at all—needing mor

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