Are You In Control?

I traveled a lot this month, and there’s nothing like four airports and four flights in a short time to reveal your control-freak tendencies. Each time, I carefully chose my seat ahead of time, arrived super early, stocked the right amount of snacks…and then a vague fear of flying crept in. At one point on a flight to LaGuardia, the plane suddenly shifted to a deep downward angle. It seemed too early to descend, and the man next to me shifted nervously and frantically looked around the plane for a sign that everything was ok. (No one else seemed fazed.) Me? I freaked out with my seat mate, worse-case scenarios racing in my head. After a minute, the pilot announced we were in fact descending,

Where Connection Starts

I just got back from an awesome trip to Wisconsin to visit my friend Diana. For five days straight, we reveled in in-person quality time that we hadn’t had in two years. I experienced so much connection-magic on this trip…as well as one really hard wake-up call. One day we trekked to the Lizard Mounds—a beautiful wooded trail of ancient Native American effigy mounds in the shapes of animal, water, and sky spirits. The energy there is incredible, and on the trail, green butterflies flitted in front of us, serving as our guides the whole way through. At one point, when my feet seemed to connect to the earth much more strongly than usual, one of the butterflies landed on the side of my foot mak

The Divine Way To Be Selfish

Lately, a non-stop schedule has gotten the best of me. You know when you’re so overwhelmed that things you like to do for yourself fall to the wayside? When getting enough rest, meditating, or vegging in front of the TV feel indulgent—even a bit selfish—to carve out the time to do? On Monday, I reached my limit and decided within my jam-packed day to take a break to feed my soul again. So I arranged to receive a mediumship reading from a fellow student in my class. She brought through my grandmother, gave me a lot of spot-on details about her, and relayed her message to me: “Don’t second-guess what you want. Make the most of right now.” A few minutes after I hung up from the reading, I was s

Believe Your Ears

About a week ago, I was sitting on my bed playing a game on my phone, just taking a break between tasks. Then at my left ear, I heard my name. That’s all, just “Julie.” I immediately looked to my left and saw no one (duh, I knew I was alone in my apartment). I remember thinking, ok, that was SO WEIRD. And then I didn’t really think about it again. This past weekend I went upstate for another mediumship class with Lisa Williams. On Saturday afternoon, we broke out into small groups to practice reading each other. Another student I’ll call Carrie brought through a cat whom she felt was mine. When she said, “This cat has a distinct black mark on her ear,” I knew immediately it was Coco, the cat

The Expansion

I’ve learned in my mediumship classes that expanding your aura helps loved ones on the other side connect in with you. This fascinates me, and while practicing expanding my energy, I’ve been trying to figure out how it all really works and if I’m doing it “right”…basically all that analytical human stuff. Then yesterday I saw this from Abraham-Hicks: “Humans have the misconception that Source is no longer expanding or that Source is finished and perfect, and that humans are now working to accomplish that perfection. But what is really going on is that Source is expanding into greater capacities of love because of that which Man is living.” When we expand our auras, we’re connecting with our

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