Making It Up

I received an intuitive reading yesterday, where I proceeded to tell the reader how I’m worried about this…feeling overwhelmed about that. The person reading me said, “But there really aren’t bad things going on in your life right now.” I thought for a second and had to gladly admit that’s true. By creating stories in my head about future events, I was missing all the current good stuff and had invented turmoil from nothing. Two years ago during a workshop in Costa Rica, I took a trail ride with a horse named Mr. Big. I internally freaked out as I majorly doubted my riding skills, and then my foot popped out of the stirrup. When I couldn’t get it back in, the freak-out inside me spiraled lik

What A Present

The other night a friend contacted me, frantic and panicked because her indoor/outdoor kitty hadn’t come home for dinner like he always does. I immediately grew super concerned as well. When she asked if I could connect in with him to see if he was ok, I knew it would take a lot to get past my current worried state. I managed my energy with three different techniques before I felt zen enough to invite the cat’s energy in. When connected, I immediately sensed his heart beating excitedly and that he felt a bit cold. He showed me he was walking by trees and thrilled to be out “past curfew.” I told him his mom was super worried and asked how he felt about going home. Then my connection went blac

All In

A few months ago after deciding to study mediumship and registering for a class, I prepped by attempting to connect with my loved ones on the other side during my morning meditations. I ended up seeing a grandparent or an aunt or uncle super clearly in my mind’s eye, in a way I hadn’t seen them in years, and I was thrilled. A week or so after this exercise, I checked my closet for a green blanket I offer my Reiki clients during a session. I saw it in a box on the floor of my closet and left it there while I got ready for the day. I went back to my closet before leaving for my session, but the blanket wasn’t there. No one else was in my apartment, but I had the feeling that someone was playin

If I Were a Tree

Two years ago on a trip to Costa Rica to work with horses, I did an exercise in an arena with a stallion named Juano. I was blindfolded and asked to notice how he was communicating with me through feelings in my body. Immediately I thought, I’ll never be able to do this—I’m in my head all the time and I hate being in body due to a chronic health issue. I often fear that my body will hold me back from things I really want to do. But here’s what happened: I didn’t know where Juano was in the arena, but I felt I had to turn and take a few steps in a certain direction. Then my body felt like a tree trunk—strong and solid. I saw myself as a white birch tree with a starry night sky above it. I kne

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