Finding the Unicorn

I recently attended a workshop where the teacher set a glass decanter on the table and asked us to write a description of it, detailing exactly what we saw. I wrote about all the physical details of the object, the materials and construction, in full-force analytical brain. Then she took us through an exercise to connect ourselves to guides, master teachers, and spirit, after which we were to look at the decanter and write a description again. This time I saw all the sparkling plays of light reflecting in and on it, which were dazzling to me. I saw every shape and turn and nuance. The stopper appeared to be floating. The entire object looked exquisitely beautiful to me. The difference betwee

Force of Nature

Back in December, we brought a new addition into our home—a feisty, purring rescue kitty named Calla. At one point in her life, she was injured and part of her back foot needed to be removed. But that doesn’t stop her from living her best life in every way. I’ve never introduced a new cat to a resident cat before, so I copiously studied the recommendations and followed them to the letter…all the while worrying if kitty Faro would feel less than, replaced, or unloved—basically the opposite of the messages animals always relay to me in a reading. Since Calla and Faro first started interacting a few weeks ago, it’s been a roller coaster. Each has seemed sweet one moment, aggressive and territor

The World on Your Shoulders

My boyfriend had rotator-cuff surgery on Christmas Eve, and I naively thought we’d quietly spend the holidays together while he’s on pain meds and I nurse him through it. I didn’t think specifics, that he’d be pretty much incapacitated. I love him and there’s no question that I want to take care of him in every way, but I ended up stressed and physically exhausted. And a week after the surgery, on top of caring for my family (human and furry), I agreed to cat sit in the city, thinking I’ll just go back and forth from Manhattan and Brooklyn every day, no problem. I ended up spreading myself thin, pushing my exhaustion, and having crying spurts, feeling I absolutely sucked at taking care of ev

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