Leaning In

I’m cat-sitting a senior kitty this week, and I absolutely love the way she responds when I give her Reiki. As soon as I start, she bows her head slightly in this really reverential way, like she’s praying or getting centered. She becomes super still and just gently receives, like it’s the most natural thing in the world. A couple of years ago I went upstate to a horseback riding school to give Reiki to some of the horses. Within the first couple minutes of giving Reiki a few feet away from the first horse, he completely moved his body around so his back hip and leg were directly in line with and then smack up against my hands. A little while later someone at the school told me that horse ha

The Heart Knows

Almost every day in my morning meditation, I drop into my heart and connect in with Calla, the rescue kitty we adopted a few months ago. Yesterday I asked her to show me anything she wanted, and I saw a visual of her running through grass and climbing a tree. She told me, “I wanna go outside. That’s how I used to get my ya-yas out.” I don’t know much about Calla’s life before she got to the rescue, but her message made sense to me—she often races around the apartment and jumps on things in a frenzied, hyper-frisky state. About thirty minutes after my meditation, my boyfriend called to me from the other room and said, “I have a feeling Calla wants to go outside.” I didn’t tell him about my mo

Answers To Come...

Last summer during my final session of a mediumship mentorship course, my teacher did a reading for me, relaying spot-on information about my grandparents. Then at one point she said, “There is a small Bible that you have of theirs.” I didn’t know what she meant—I thought maybe my parents had one, but they didn't know anything about it. Last week I was cleaning out my old room at my parents’ house in preparation for their upcoming move. There in a drawer by my bed I found a tiny New Testament Bible, and inside was an inscription from my grandmother to my grandfather. I had no idea it was there, and finding it felt like a super-direct, full-of-love hello from my grandparents. One day this wee

Listening Will Get You Everywhere

In my morning meditations, I always check in with Mr. Big, a horse I’ve worked with in two Costa Rican workshops. I did pretty deep soul work with him, so I consider him a brilliant teacher. Recently he showed me something we did together that I hadn’t remembered in a while. I was blindfolded on Mr. Big’s back, doing a guided meditation as another animal communicator led him around the arena. At one point, Mr. Big stopped and stood still. No one could get him to move, and he communicated that being still was what I needed. Afterwards, I realized he stopped right when my back started hurting—due to excruciating back spasms I had at the time. Back then, I was amazed that Mr. Big was so in tune

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